3 Tricks to Encourage Your Horse to Drink More Water

3 Tips to Getting Your Horse To Drink More Water!

Hydration is a very important consideration with keeping your horses healthy during these  warm summer months, especially after exercising/riding/competing with  them in the heat.
Endurance riders are very knowledgeable at knowing how to keep their horses hydrated during work outs and competitive trials.
 It is a myth that you should not give a hot horse cold water after an excessive workout.    It’s is now a known fact that it is quite safe, and preferable that your let your horse[s] drink cold water after a hard workout.

Just like you drink cold water with ice, horse’s bodies absorb and can handle cold water like you and me.

Here are some incentives to actually get your horse[s] to drink more.

#1: Flavor the water. Mixing in apple juice or some other flavor can make your horse’s water more appealing. This is particularly helpful on the road because it masks the unfamiliar taste of “foreign” water.

#2:  Feed watermelon, which is 92% water.   A horse will still needs water, but ingesting watermelon is a great and tasty substitute.

#3:   Another trick is to add a slight, very small amount of salt to the first drink of water they take.  This will stimulate them to want to drink more.

1 tablespoon of salt per gallon of water.

20 minutes later, replace the salted water with plain water. Research has shown this method will trigger thirst, and the horse is likely to drink more of the plain water than he would have otherwise.