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FLY WRAPS® was invented, researched, designed, patented, and trademarked by Beverly Gun-Munro in the mid-1990’s. Never before had there been a product available for the purpose of protecting horse’s legs from crawling insects and sticky plants. With the introduction of FLY WRAPS® to horse owners and their horses, tack shops, veterinarians and farriers (horse shoers) FLY WRAPS® immediately became one of the most ‘in demand’ popular horse products globally. Europe’s well known British Equine Trade Association (BETA) garnered FLY WRAPS® as “The Best New Horse Product” winning the coveted “Blue Ribbon” honors over all new horse and equine pharmaceutical products represented by numerous companies from dozens of countries.

  • FLY WRAPS® demand exceeded its ability to supply and subsequently it went through some growing pains and challenges with licensees and manufacturers until it was returned to its original owner and inventor Bev Gun-Munro, who is now offering it in better than ever materials, design and packaging this 2009 summer fly season.
  • John Lyons gave FLY WRAPS® his ‘Seal of Approval’ with a two page glowing write-up in his monthly horse newsletter.
  • REPLACE: FLY WRAPS® is now exclusively distributed to Vendors through
  • FLY WRAPS® is a Multi-Purpose Product:
    a)  A very effective air-flow, flexible Medical Wrap, used by vets nationwide, for        lower leg injuries – allowing faster healing (up to 10 times faster) of cuts,        wounds, incisions and open sores.
    b)  A totally painless solution to train horses to stand quietly when being tacked        up/down or shoed by farriers.
    c)   As the mesh wrap barrier for horse’s legs that creates comfort from insects        and flies.
  • Numerous horse magazines, trade periodicals & Internet horse informative websites have featured FLY WRAPS®on their covers and in their write-ups as a necessary product, and ‘worth its weight in gold if you can find it…..”.
  • FLY WRAPS®, as a breathable wrap can be worn 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. It does not require any insecticide to be applied to it, as it works like a screen door and quickly eliminates the ‘stomping & stamping’ horses are relegated to do.
  • This 2012 fly season we are proud to offer a quality ‘top drawer’ FLY WRAPS® that now includes:
    a)  all stretch straps
    b)  ‘stay’s that prevent sagging
    c)   designer packaging
    d)  new popular colors
    e)  great pricing
    f)   and terrific customer service.


FLY WRAPS® is an all natural product, protecting horse’s legs where they need the protection most. The majority of flies gather where there is moisture and ‘waste’ – the ground around them (early morning dew, etc). Nature gave the horse a tail that they use to ‘swish’ flies from their bodies; a mane that protects their neck area; and a forelock that swishes flies from their face & eyes.

Horse’s tails, like human hair, comes in all different lengths. Even if a horse has a tail that reaches the ground – this tail cannot reach the lower front legs – to rid the flies from this area. Combine this with the fact that horses also stand with more than 65% of their weight on their front legs – & you have a horse whose only defense against flies/insects landing on their lower legs is to stomp & stamp. This is especially hard on bones & knee joints in older horses.

Now more than ever horse owners have growing resistance to the widespread use of poisonous insecticides and consciously seek alternative solutions. FLY WRAPS® has become a popular alternative.

FLY WRAPS® was designed to be an all natural, insecticide free, fly-free solution for today’s horse against the increasing fly & mosquito infestation. Horses today are standing targets for pesky insects as the majority of their life is generally spent standing in stalls, corrals, turn-outs or confined areas vs. their original nomadic – constant ‘on the move’ existence.


Worn by More than 500,000 horse's legs globally!

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  1. I love this site. I’ve used Fly Wraps for years on all our horses ~ and we swear by this brand. Bev really designed a great product. Now a Fly Mask! Watching the video ~ it looks really good. We’re going to try these too. Thanks for years of great Fly Wraps and now your Fly Masks!

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