7 Great Tips for Trailering Your Horse during Summer Months!

Great Tips for Trailering Your Horse during the hot Summer Months

Here are some reminders & good tips to remember when trailering your horse during the heat of our summer months.

The inside of a horse trailer can easily become 20 degrees warmer than the air temperature outside.

Horses working to keep their balance in such conditions can quickly become stressed, fatigued and dangerously overheated.

As you travel this summer, take extra precautions to ensure your horse[s] stay cool while travelling down the road.

#1 Open trailer windows and vents. However, make sure that doing so does not encourage a horse to assume an inappropriate position while you are moving.

#2: Keep the sheets & coolers OFF your horse[s]even to “keep them clean.” Blankets/sheets ‘flatten’ the natural ability for horse hair to cool and warm your horse’s body. Less is more! Break the habit! If you notice your horse[s] arriving sweat-stained ~ the cooler caused it! Nature provide your horse with it’s own heating and cooling system; let Nature work her Magic ~ she can do a better job that us!

#3 Leg Coverings as well! Skip heavy quilts and bandages on legs and go with lighter-weight shipping boots. If all your horses in the trailer are experienced travelers, you may want to ship with just bell boots on to protect coronary bands.

#4 If you have to stop en route, make it a priority to find Shade for your rig.

#5 Offer new, fresh, cool water for all your horses before setting out again.

#6 Once you’ve arrived at your destination, unload them as soon as possible.

#7 Provide new, fresh, clean water again, as soon as you can do so safely.

Save travels down the road!