10 Suggestions to Improve Your Fly Control

Here are some wise, natural and effective steps that can help you minimize fly problems, cut costs, improve effectiveness and comfort for your horse[s]:
by Beverly Gun-Munro
1. Wet your horse down and allow them to roll in the sand, or mud, coating themselves completely with nature’s best protectant ~ and it’s free! Horses have been doing this for centuries ~ it is their way of protecting themselves fully from biting insects. It’s the most natural, complete and effective way to protect themselves. It also sloughs off old hair and skin. When you return their coats, and comfort, are improved.
2. Become a wise shopper and source out fragrance free shampoos and conditioners, or products that boast their ingredients repel insects yet still remove the sweat. Then, following this cleaning allow your horses them to roll, as suggested above.
3. At least 40% of fly spray is wasted spraying it on your horse[s]. Wipe it on!
4. Unclogged your fly spray bottles by running hot water through and around them ~ really helps to get them working like new again.
5. Wormwood oil is an all-natural fly repellent. Try it.
6. Add cider vinegar to your horse’s water ~ flies hate it. However, be sure to notice that your horse will continue to drink their water with the added vinegar ~ and not refuse it and become dehydrated.
7. Deer flies when trail riding? Decide to ride at or near the end of the line and let the horses ahead of you take the brunt of the attacking pests.
8. Shave bot fly eggs off your horse’s legs with a lady’s safety razor.
9. The effectiveness of most liquids, pastes and gels wears off within hours. Be sure to give extended 24/7 protection with breathable mesh fly masks for the face, Fly Wraps® for the lower legs and mesh fly sheets, with belly guards.
10. Providing a powerful fan, with safe electrical cords, in stalls minimizes fly concentrations in these areas.